This page will guide you throught the installation of MellowPlayer on the supported operating systems.


We provide several ways to install a pre-compiled version of MellowPlayer on GNU/Linux:

  1. Flatpak
  2. Native packages

Flatpak is the recommended solution as it is what the developers use and test against. It contains a recent version of QtWebEngine/Chromium which is essential for MellowPlayer to work correctly.

Native packages (especially on old/LTS distributions) may cause problems as they don’t provide a recent version of QtWebEngine/Chromium


MellowPlayer is available on flathub:

flatpak install flathub com.gitlab.ColinDuquesnoy.MellowPlayer

Native Packages


Starting from Fedora 27, MellowPlayer is available from the official stable repositories:

sudo dnf install mellowplayer

Most services require proprietary audio codecs to work. You can install them from the RPMFusion repositories:

sudo dnf install qt5-qtwebengine-freeworld


MellowPlayer is available from the AUR, install it with your favorite AUR tool (e.g. yaourt).

yaourt -S mellowplayer


MellowPlayer is available from KaOSx/apps repository, just run:

$ sudo pacman -S mellowplayer

Other distributions

Pre-compiled packages for other distributions (Ubuntu, openSUSE,…) can be found on our OBS Download Page

Compiling from source

See the README for build instructions.

Widevine DRM Plugin

Many services like Spotify, Tidal and Amazon Music require the widevine DRM plugin to work.

You can install it on GNU/Linux by running the below script (tested with native packages and flatpak; make sure the binutils package is installed on Debian/Ubuntu providing the ar command)

curl -s "" | bash


Just grab the windows installer from the official website (click on the Windows folder) and follow the instructions.

Please note the Windows Installer we provide is built with a version of QtWebEngine built without proprietary codecs support (for licensing reasons). If your favorite service require proprietary codecs to work, you’ll need to build QtWebEngine with the flag use_proprietary_codecs and build MellowPlayer using that QtWebEngine version.


OSX is not officially supported anymore. You may try to build and run MellowPlayer from sources.