About MellowPlayer

MellowPlayer is born from the need of a Qt-based alternative to NuvolaPlayer for the KaOS linux distribution

Here are the initial goals:

  • the application should embed a web view of the music streaming service (the same as you see in a regular browser) and should provide an integration with the desktop (media keys support, global shortcuts, notifications,…).
  • the application should be able to support more than 1 streaming service
  • we (the core team) will only support the streaming services that we are actively using. Other services should be added and maintained by contributors. The main reason is that we won’t be able to support non-free services (even those who have a trial period). Support for free services (even with limitations) might be added by the team after the release 1.0.
  • adding a new service/extension should be easy: you just write a javascript plugin