Contributing to MellowPlayer

Reporting bugs or Wishes

Report any bugs you encountered or any wishes on our issue tracker.

If you’re reporting a bug, make sure to provide the following information:

  • Information about your Operating system (e.g. Windows 8.1, Mac OSX Yosemite,…). If you’re on Linux, you’ll need to specify the name of the distribution and the desktop environment you’re using and whether you’re using a native package or the AppImage.
  • The music streaming service that you were using when you encountered the bug if related to a specific streaming service.
  • A clear description of the bug with steps to reproduce.
  • You should use English to describe your issue. French is also accepted.
  • Paste the application log between triple backquotes (About > Show Logs).

Setting up a development environment

Read the how to setup page of the wiki

Some helper scripts to setup your development environment for different GNU/Linux distributions can be found in the scripts/env-setup folder.

We also recommend you read the architecture and the coding guidelines pages before hacking on MellowPlayer.

Submitting a pull request

Here are the steps you need to follow to start working on MellowPlayer and submit your work for evaluation or integration into the main project:

  1. Fork the Repo on gitlab.
  2. Create a feature or a bugfix branch before you start coding.
  3. Add your name to
  4. Format the code using scripts/ (run it from the root source directory).
  5. Push to your fork and submit a pull request to the develop branch.

Adding support for a new service

Web streaming service integration plugins are now written in pure javascript.

  1. Create a new plugin using the wizard (see
  2. Edit metadata.ini (add correct url, name, version,…)
  3. Edit description.html to describe the streaming service
  4. Customise logo.svg
  5. Implement the needed functions in integration.js
  6. Once your plugin works, submit a pull request to the develop branch.

Adding/Updating a new translation

MellowPlayer translations are hosted on transifex

  • Create an account at transifex
  • Go to the project’s homepage and click on the “Join the team” button
  • If the language you want to work on does not exists yet, send us a language request. Once the request has been accepted, a new translation file for the requested language will be created automatically by transifex.
  • To actually start translating, go to the project’s home page on transifex and click on the tr